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Proactive financial management for start-ups.

We are the visionary financial manager, director or the whole department of our customers.

We help the start-up and the high-growth companies to succeed by taking care of the financial responsibilities. A deep understanding of the life cycle stages of companies and the services scaling accordingly are our strongest expertise.


We consider start-ups as an effective entity. Our strongest expertise are the modern electronic financial management services, but we also offer the complementary legal and administrative services.

In practice, we help the start-ups and the high-growth companies starting with basic electronic financial services and statutory responsibilities all the way to the demanding budgeting and financial arrangements. If you wish, we can take care of the whole financial management, jurisdiction and the agreed administrative tasks of your company.


We are the pillar of the start-up companies what comes to financial management. We share with our customers the same desire to create new business to Finland and over the borders. Our experts work at two offices in Helsinki and in Espoo. EMU was founded in 2007.


We are an authorised partner of the Association of Finnish Accounting Firms. We co-operate with the main financial actors in Finland. Further more we are actively developing the future policies of making financial management.

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Köydenpunojankatu 2 a D, 3rd floor
00180 Helsinki
Kirkkokatu 16 A,
02770 Espoo

+358 (0)50 5305 471


OVT-tunnus: 003721574193
Operator: OpusCapita
(Operator ID: 003710948874)

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